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Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology

The Recruitment of KORDI Star Researchers

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  • Date : 2010-07-26

The Korea Ocean Research and Development Institute (KORDI) 
hereby announces recruitment of KORDI Star Researchers. 
Eligible applicants are top-rate researchers with globally recognized research achievements who can greatly contribute to the development of the national economy and marine science and technology.

July 26, 2010

President of KORDI

1. Area and Number of Recruits 

ㅇ Research in marine science and technology 

ㅇ ____ recruits 

2. Qualifications 

ㅇ A person whose thesis was published through Nature Science , or Cell as first author (including corresponding author) no more than five years before the date of this notice (Theses published through their sister journals are not counted.); or 

ㅇ A person who is qualified to be a principal researcher and has garnered at least 2.5 billion KRW in cumulative license fee revenue over the five years preceding the date of this notice 

ㅇ The five years preceding the date of this notice: July 27, 2005 ? July 26, 2010 

ㅇ A person who does not fall under any item of Article 33 (Reasons for Disqualification) of the National Public Service Act 

ㅇ If male, a person who has completed his mandatory military service or was exempted from doing so 

3. Treatment 

ㅇ If employed as a Star Researcher, special promotions may be granted. 

ㅇ The base compensation will be 150 million KRW per annum, with the difference between this and the annual salary as per the annual salary agreement entered into upon hiring to be paid as incentives for three years. 

ㅇ Up to 500 million KRW may be granted annually as direct funding for research for the three years following hiring. 

ㅇ As much support as possible will be provided in terms of research space and funds for research tools and equipment. 

ㅇ The highest rating in annual performance assessment will be granted for three years including the year of hiring. 

ㅇ If a Star Researcher requires assistants, priority will be given therefor in human resources hiring or deployment. 

ㅇ If an overseas resident, up to 10,000 USD is paid toward airfares for the researcher and up to three other family members and for relocation costs combined. 

4. Selection Schedule 

ㅇ Expert panel evaluation (first to third stages) followed by in-house committee deliberation

Selection ProcedureDate
1 st stage: Document reviewFriday, September 10, 2010
2 nd stage: Research presentation
 -  If an overseas resident, he or she may give a presentation by teleconferencing.
Monday, September 20, 2010
3 rd stage: InterviewTuesday, September 30, 2010
In-house committee deliberationWednesday, October 6, 2010

 This schedule is subject to change. 

ㅇ Those who pass any stage will be individually informed thereof. 

5. Documentary Requirements 

ㅇ One copy of filled out Star Researcher Application Form with photo attached as a jpg file 

ㅇ One copy of curriculum vitae (research experience) 

ㅇ One copy of personal statement and research plan (free format; no more than five pages) 

ㅇ Copies of certifications, licenses, and the like (if any) 

ㅇ A letter of recommendation by an expert in the pertinent area (contact information, signature, and date included; sealed) 

ㅇ One copy of any certificate of special government employment protection or disability (if any) 

ㅇ One copy of each diploma and academic transcript (college and graduate school (if a graduate of such) 

ㅇ One copy of each dissertation for a master's degree and a doctor's degree (if any) 

6. Submission of Documents

Deadline and Submission 
Monday, August 30, 2010, 18:00 

Email, in-person, or postal delivery 

※ No documents will be accepted after the deadline.
Addresses for submission- 

-  In-person or postal delivery: (zip code: 426-744) Training and Recruitment Manager, HR, KORDI, Building Sa 454 Haean-ro, Sangrok-gu, Ansan City, Gyeonggi Province
※ Don't forget to indicate on the outside of the envelop "Application Enclosed." 

-  For more information, please contact us at
82(31)400-6022 or at

7. Other 

ㅇ For information on KORDI and the selection process, please refer to the KORDI homepage at
- For more specific information on employment, please click on the section "Employment" at the aforementioned website. 

ㅇ An application for the Star Researcher employment MUST contain contact information (telephone number and email address) so that KORDI may contact individuals separately. 

ㅇ Any document not in Korean or English should be submitted together with a Korean translation bearing the applicant's signature. 

ㅇ A person who is under special government employment protection or has a disability will be given preference in selection in accordance with applicable laws and regulations if documentary evidence is submitted. 

ㅇ No document submitted will be returned. If any false information is found later in any document submitted, the applicant's employment will be revoked if he or she is selected.


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