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The Grand Release of K-Pop Song “The Sea,” to Spread Love for the Sea

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  • Date : 2010-12-31

The Grand Release of K-Pop Song "The Sea," to Spread Love for the Sea!!!



The Republic of Korea Ocean Research and Development Institute (KORDI) produced a K-pop song to promote love of the sea among the public. Mr. JEONG Pung-song, a famous composer, arranger, and lyricist of Korean popular songs, and Ms. Insuni, one of the most renowned Korean singers, participated in the creation of the song, "The Sea."



The original song is being distributed for free over the KORDI homepage and blog, and it is registered with such portals as Naver and Daum with its Korean title, "바다(transliteration: bada; translation: The Sea) ".


Anybody connected to the Internet can hear it anytime, anywhere.



The sea-inspired K-pop song can be downloaded as a ringtone at many popular sites, including the following:


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