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Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology

KORDI held its 38th anniversary ceremony

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  • Date : 2011-10-31


KORDI held its 38th anniversary ceremony





Republic of Korea Ocean Research & Development Institute (represented by President Gang Jeong Geuk) held its 38th anniversary ceremony at 10 am on October 31 at its auditorium in Ansan Headquarters.


Executives and staffs of the Institute attended in the ceremony, and observed a various programs including 'Appointment for academic-research scholarship', 'Commendation of external entities and employees', and 'Award for excellent papers'.


Especially, 11 people were awarded 'Appointment for academic-research scholarship' out of its program 'Promising scholarship student for scientific marine human resources'.


The program started in 2007 for the scholarship to support human resources for marine science fields. Mr. Kang Seung Gu (Doctorate program, Energy system engineering, Seoul National University) and other 10 people were appointed this year who are entitled to scholarship of W4 mil. for undergraduate students, W6 mil. for graduate students, and W8 mil. for students in doctorate course per each semester for the whole year.


Also, the Institute delivered its appreciation plaques to staffs from 11 institutions including Republic of Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information for their contribution to the Institute.


A staff added that "It was a meaningful moment as we spared time to appreciate the people who have contributed their efforts to our growth and to encourage the students who will be responsible for the future oceanic science of Republic of Korea."



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