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KORDI and Amore Pacific Corp. agree on joint research to develop cosmetics materials

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  • Date : 2012-01-27

KORDI and Amore Pacific Corp. agree on joint 
research to develop cosmetics materials


The Republic of Korea Ocean Research & Development Institute (President Kang Jung-keuk) and the Amore Pacific Corp. (CEO Suh Kyung-bae) have joined hands to develop functional cosmetic products using new materials obtained from the seas. The two organizations signed an agreement at the Amore Pacific R&D Center in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, on Jan. 27, for cooperation in the development of new cosmetics materials and the protection of the marine environment.


With world-class competitiveness in exploration and the utilization of marine biological resources, KORDI runs the Republic of Korea-South Pacific Ocean Research Center in the middle of tropical Micronesia and conducts research on biological resources outside Republic of Korea. Therefore, KORDI and Amore Pacific will be able to carry out joint research to develop new cosmetics materials that utilize biological marine resources derived from across the world as well as those produced in Republic of Korea. The biological resources captured in the tropical seas, in particular, are expected to be used after scientific analysis of their whitening and anti-aging effects, and safety.


A KORDI official said that the two organizations are also expected to present a model of academia-industrial cooperation for social contribution as they plan to work together in various activities to preserve the marine environment.


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