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Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology

Hosting of the International Symposium for the Establishment of KIOST

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  • Date : 2012-03-08

Major participants in the symposium and contents of presentations/discussions


□ Topic presentation


Presenter and presentation topic




? Presenter: Hong Seung-Yong, Vice Chair, Presidential Advisory Council on Education, Science & Technology 

 Presentation topic: Ocean S&T Strategies in the Green Code Age

* (main content) Ocean policies of the US, EU, Japan, China, Republic of Korea according to the arrival of the Green code age. Strategy proposals according to the founding of KIOST.

Topic Ⅰ



? Presenter: Kim Woong-Soh, Principle Researcher-Director, KORDI

 Presentation topic: Development strategy of KIOST

* (main content) The founding goals of KIOST. Suggesting the meaning, fundamental ideals, vision, responsibilities, main functions, focal research areas, and development directions.




? Presenter: Dr. Peter Herzig, President, Leibniz Institute for Marine Sciences (GEOMAR), Germany

* GEOMAR : Leibniz Institut fuer Meereswissenschaften an der Christian-Albrechts Universitat zu Kiel, IFM-GEOMAR

 Presentation topic: Challenges and Opportunities for Marine Research in the 21st Century

* (main content) Introduction of GEOMAR's current affairs and main research areas, the current status in the construction of a European and global cooperative system.




? Presenter: Dr. Yves Henocque, Senior Advisor, French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea (IFREMER), France

* IFREMER : Institut francais de recherche pour l'exploitation de la mer 
(French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea)

 Presentation topic: Governance and Knowledge: the Two Pillars of Integrated Coastal and Ocean Management - Towards a Marine and Maritime Research Strategy for KIOST

(main content) European strategy for ocean research and strategy plan for IFREMER, the importance of a scientific approach to rational policy decisions, and suggestions for future main research areas toward issue-solving.

Topic Ⅳ



? Presenter : Dr. Asahiko Taira, President-Appointee, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC), Japan

 Presentation topic: Frontiers in Marine-Earth Science and Technology: JAMSTEC's New Era & Partnership with KIOST

* (main content) Introduction to recent JAMSTEC research developments and infrastructure expansion fields, participation in the Yeosu Expo (OCBPA), and expectations towards cooperation with KIOST as partner cum rival.

Topic Ⅴ



? Presenter: Mrs. Jacky Wood, Head, National Oceanography Centre (NOC), England

 Presentation topic: National Oceanography Centre: Future Challenges and Partnerships for Impact

* (main content) Current state of affairs at the NOC and main research areas, marine science strategy and policy of the UK and EU, public-private sector cooperation and international cooperation by NOC, and resources' input portfolio.

Topic Ⅵ



? Presenter: Dr. Tony Haymet, Director, Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO), US

 Presentation topic: Looking Forward: New Era of Global Ocean Science & Engineering

* (main content) Introduction to the latest research by SIO and infrastructure current affairs, suggestions for the newly-to-be-founded KIOST, such as marine observation programs.


□ Discussion


Discussion topic and discussants


? Topic: Trends in global ocean science & technology and future prospects
- (subtopic 1) Trends in global ocean science and the ocean research development strategies of advanced countries.
- (subtopic 2) Future prospects for ocean science & technology. 
? Chair and discussants 
- (Chair) Jang-Won Chai, President, Korean Association of Ocean Science and Technology Societies (KAOSTS)
- (discussants) 
? Dr. Peter Herzig (GEOMAR, Germany) 
? Dr. Yves Henocque (IFREMER, France) 
? Kim Kyung-Ryul (Professor at Seoul Nat'l University, Founding Preparatory Committee member for KIOST) 
? Choi Hang-Soon (Former Professor at Seoul Nat'l University, Founding Preparatory Committee Consultant for KIOST)
? Kwon Moon-Sang, Senior Research Engineer, KORDI


? Topic: The vision of KIOST and its development strategy
- (subtopic 1) The vision of KIOST and its program for research development
- (subtopic 2) The institutional administration strategy for KIOST: organization, securing excellent staff, securing funds, public-private cooperation and international cooperation, and building infrastructure. 
? Chair and discussants 
- (Chair) Heung-Jae Lee, Honorary Research Committee Member, KORDI
- (Discussants) 
? Dr. Toni Haymet (SIO, US) 
? Dr. Peter Herzig (GEOMAR, Germany) 
? Mrs. Jacky Wood (NOC, UK) 
? Kwak Jae-Won (Vice President, Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies)
? Lee Jae-Wan (President, Republic of Korea Marine Business Association)



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