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KIOST Travel Awards

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  • Date : 2012-08-22
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The KIOST Travel Awards Program is a KIOST scholarship for junior researchers in marine science. It is aimed at providing young Korean scientists abroad (with master’s or higher degrees) with the opportunity to participate in world-renowned scientific meetings and conferences, so that in acquiring more knowledge they will be better able to contribute to the development of marine science in Korea.

The awards are given to about 10 students with Korean nationality every year. Awardees are selected through an intensive screening process.



1. Conditions of the KIOST Travel Awards Program

i. Eligibility: Students of Korean nationality who are in graduate programs at institutions of higher education in foreign countries.

ii. Majors: marine science, marine resource economics, marine policy, marine law and other fields related to marine affairs.

   Conferences or workshops to be held in 2013 (Jan. 1~ Dec. 31)

iii. Number of awardees: about 10.

iv. Grants: 3 million won (per person / per international meeting or conference);

v. Submitted documents are not returned.

vi. Awards are cancelled if applicants fail to submit required documents, or fail to send reports on meetings attended within a two-week period
   after the conference.

vii. Grants are provided in advance. Reports on the conference and documents proving attendance should be sent within 2 weeks 
    after the conference.

* Documents proving attendance: airline tickets and documents related to accommodation (hotel receipts)



2. Application and Selection Process

1) KIOST Travel Awards applications:

- Travel plan (in both Korean and English)

- Letters from supervising professors for travel confirmation (original copies)

- Travel plans can be sent by e-mail, but digital copies of letters from supervising professors must be attached. Original, hardcopies of letters should be sent by mail.

2) Application deadline: Nov. 30, 2012

 - Applications should arrive at KIOST no later than 5 p.m. on Nov. 30.

3) Applicants who are successful in passing the first and second document screenings will be individually notified

4) Applications who successfully pass the third screening or interview stage will be individually notified. 


5) Necessary Documents

 - Applicants are required to submit the following documents in a batch. Those who fail to send any of the required documents are automatically excluded from the screening process. Submitted documents are not returned.

(1) A travel plan (in both Korean and English)

(2) Proof of enrollment (original copy) 

(3) Transcripts (original copies)

(4) A sworn statement (Form 2)

(5) Recommendation from a supervising professor (original copy/additional items) 


3. Obligations

    The following documents need to be submitted after the attendance of conferences

1) Reports with an analysis of research trends (A4 11pt, 15 sheets)

2) Journal (only the part containing the applicant’s article), pictures, and the paper presented at the conference

3) Documents proving attendance (airline tickets; hotel receipts with the name of the participant specified)



4. Inquiries

Travel Awards Desk, Office of International Cooperation, KIOST (


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