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KIOST Library chosen by the government as best library

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  • Date : 2012-10-17

KIOST Library chosen by the government as best library

Won award from the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism for three consecutive years


The Library of Marine Science of the Republic of Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology (KIOST) has recently been selected as a best library in the “2012 evaluation of the libraries in Republic of Korea,” jointly conducted by the Presidential Committee on Library and Information Policy and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.


The government annually assesses the operation of public libraries in five categories?professional, public, school, military and prison libraries?to promote improvement in their efficiency and quality.


KIOST’s Library of Marine Science was given the highest ratings in the category of professional libraries and was awarded its prize by the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism during the national library award ceremony held in KINTEX in Goyang, Gyeonggi-do, on Oct. 17.


The KIOST Library was also chosen as a best library in 2010 and 2011. It is the first library to win three consecutive awards in the six-year history of the government’s assessment of public libraries.


The KIOST Library earned the highest ratings in most of the 38 indices in five categories. In particular, the recent incorporation of the library as part of KIOST’s regular organization?a move that is a first among government-invested research institutes?helped it to earn high ratings. It was also rated highly for its various innovative measures, including the establishment of an information infrastructure for marine science, which is aimed at strengthening national R&D capabilities in marine science. 


KIOST drastically expanded facilities at the library when it was included under its regular organization. The library also held various events to encourage reading among the public, such as a read-a-thon and the “New Book! New Idea!” event. In addition, the “iPhoto Library,” a database of photos related to marine science research, has contributed to the promotion and spread of marine science and culture to the public.


Han Jong-yeop, director of the library, said, “The KIOST Library has the honor of being selected as a best library in Republic of Korea for three consecutive years thanks to active support from the leadership of the KIOST, including President Kang Jung-keuk, and the efforts of library staff in providing high-quality information services to scientists and citizens.”



Han added that the library will continue to implement various projects to ensure that it is more user-friendly for the public, including the establishment of a digital-oriented library, a sophisticated upgrade of subject-oriented services, and a wider dissemination of marine science knowledge. 


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