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Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology

Asian dust from China approaches Korea

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  • Date : 2017-04-24
RGB image of KST at 16:00 on April 19, 2017 바로보기 RGP image of KST at 09:00 on April 20, 2017 바로보기

The Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology (KIOST, President Hong Gi-hoon) recently reported that images recorded by the Chollian Geostationary Ocean Color Imager (GOCI) showed the movement of an Asian dust cloud toward Korea from the evening of April 19, 2017.


The KIOST Korea Ocean Satellite Center, the main operator of the GOCI, analyzed the images on April 19 and 20, and confirmed that the Asian dust spread from northern Beijing to near the Amnok River from the evening of April 19 to the morning of April 20.


Originating in northern China and the deserts of Mongolia, Asian dust travels on westerly winds to Korea, Japan, and the Central Pacific Ocean and has a significant impact on marine processes in the oceans, including plant productivity.


Senior research scientist Park Myung-sook at the KIOST Korea Ocean Satellite Center said, “We can easily confirm the location and movement of Asian dust using full-color and multispectral images recorded by the GOCI installed on the satellite. Also, we continuously monitor the movement of Asian dust using GOCI images captured eight times a day (every hour from 09:00 to 16:00). KIOST shares the results of our Asian dust observations with related institutions and plans to offer more quantitative observation results by further enhancing its fine dust detection technology.”


Developed with the financial support of the Korean Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, the GOCI, which was launched on the Chollian satellite in 2010, is the world’s first ocean observation payload installed on a geo-stationary satellite. Tasked with observing the oceans and air quality surrounding the Korean Peninsula, it is currently managed and operated by the KIOST Korea Ocean Satellite Center.




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