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Secrets of the Sea by KORDI Selected as Environmental Book of 2010

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  • Date : 2010-12-20

Secrets of the Sea, a marine science book published by the Republic of Korea Ocean Research and Development Institute (KORDI; President KANG Jung-keuk), was selected as one of the environmental books of 2010 by the Ministry of Environment.



The ministry announced on December 13 its selections of environmental books for 2010 in order to motivate the publishing industry to put out more books on the environment and promote love for the environment and greater awareness of environment issues among the public. The book Secrets of the Sea was selected as an environmental book of the year for readers of nearly all ages and thereby acquired the right to bear the mark of an environmental book of the year. It also received a certificate and gained the right to use the certificate mark.



Secrets of the Sea is a Korean translation of the book Hidden Depths published by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) of the US. It was co-translated by Dr. KIM Ung-seo, Dr. JEON Dong-cheol, Dr. GANG Hyeong-gu, and Dr. LEE Sang-hun of KORDI and published in May 2010. Secrets of the Sea, as a book for the public, contains extensive marine science information on sea-floor topography, marine ecosystems, oceanic circulation, climate, natural disasters, and exploration, among other topics, along with numerous photos and detailed explanations.



Being recognized as an environmental book of the year, Secrets of the Sea will be more broadly distributed to schools, NGOs, public agencies, and libraries in rural areas, drawing the public closer to marine science.



KORDI has led the way in bringing marine science into the public realm through continued publication of books in the area, including Secrets of the Sea and Marine Science Series and also books for children like the Sea Books to See the Future Series.



In response to the sharply rising demand for marine energy sources and interest in the construction of efficient marine structures, KORDI also published the Manual on Technology to Use Suction Piles to Build Subsurface Foundations, a reference book for design and installation of marine structures, co-authored by KWON O-sun, JANG In-seong, and AHN Hui-do, and other books for college students, experts, and researchers, helping advance marine science knowledge.



“The selection of Secrets of the Sea as an environmental book of the year will uncover mysteries of the sea for more people,” says a KORDI insider, adding, “Now that more people from all walks of life are taking interest in marine science, KORDI will continue to publish good books for the public and those in the field.”




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