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‘Hear the Sea!’ KORDI Unveils K-pop Song “The Sea”

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  • Date : 2011-01-03

A song about the sea that anybody can sing with ease and fun has come out.



The Republic of Korea Ocean Research and Development Institute (KORDI; President KANG Jung-keuk) announces that it produced a K-pop song called “The Sea” to make the public more aware of the boundless potential of the sea and better relate to it.



“The Sea” expresses the romantic feelings and future potential of the sea with such easy and familiar lyrical phrases as “the sun runs from the sea,” “clouds blossom up on the sea,” “youth and passion, love and romance, all are gifts of the sea,” and “promises for the future of humanity to be fulfilled by the sea.” The melody is also easy to sing along with; the rhythm is light; and the voice of the singer, Insuni, is dynamic. All these factors together synergistically move the listener’s heart even more powerfully.






“Dedicating this song to KORDI is my way of actively participating in KORDI’s ‘Love the Sea’ movement, which is intended to promote the public’s interest in and love for the sea, especially among young people,” explains the lyricist, composer, and arranger of the song, Mr. JEONG Pung-song.



Mr. JEONG has created many successful popular songs including “Heogong (The Empty Sky)” and “Miwo, miwo, miwo” sung by Mr. JO Yong-pil, one of the greatest Korean pop singers (Each of the albums containing the two song topped one million copies in sales.) as well as “The Wedding Dress,” and “Brownish Memories.” He also wrote ariettas including “Haengbok (Happiness)” and “Nageune (The Wanderer).” Ms. Insuni is one of the most beloved pop singers in Republic of Korea. As the two joined hands for the creation of the K-pop song “The Sea,” it is expected to be a major hit, promoting public interest in marine science and culture.



KORDI will distribute the song “The Sea” through the press and Internet in order to widely publicize the friendly and romantic image of the sea. It will also encourage marine agencies and organizations to use the song in a variety of ways to maximize publicity for the song and the sea’s potential and benefits.



“We expect that ‘The Sea” will greatly contribute to our PR efforts to make the public better understand that the sea sustains and enriches our lives and is our future,” says a KORDI insider.



The original song is being distributed for free over the KORDI homepage and blog, and it is registered with such portals as Naver and Daum along with the other songs contained in the album. The sea-inspired K-pop song can even be downloaded as a ringtone at many ringtone service sites.



In order to listen to and download the entire song, visit the KORDI homepage and blog at and



You may download the song as a ringtone at,,,, or, among other sites.



For your information, we offer you below an English translation of the lyrics of the song, but this is not for singing.




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