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Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology

Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology publishes photo book The Marine Life of Gageo Reef

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  • Date : 2014-12-04
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The long efforts of marine scientists have led to the publication of a photo book that vividly captures the mysterious aquatic ecosystem in the waters off Gageo Reef.


The Republic of Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology (President: Hong Gi-hoon) has published a photo book titled The Marine Life of Gageo Reef, which shows 137 species of marine creatures inhabiting the area around Gageo Reef. 


Supported by the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, this book was created based on the research findings in the waters off Gageocho Ocean Research Station, which was established in 2009.


Gageo Reef is a submerged reef at a depth of 7.8m and is located approximately 47km west of Gageo-do, Sinan-gun, South Jeolla Province, which is the furthest southwest point of Republic of Korea. The Gageo Reef area is at the intersection of the cold waters of the West Sea and the warm currents of the South Sea, and is home to a variety of aquatic organisms, including colorful soft coral, sea slug snails, and mussels living on the sea bed.


“We hope this book serves as an opportunity to promote our research on marine ecosystems in the southwestern waters centered on Gageodo Island,” said the authors of the book. “We also hope that the existence of Gageo Reef becomes widely known, so that vessels in the area can operate here safely.”


The entire photo book can be downloaded free of charge from the KIOST blog. (


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