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Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology

KIOST publishes Current and future marine living resources

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  • Date : 2015-06-03

The Republic of Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology (KIOST, President Hong Gi-hoon) has published Current and future marine living resources: Busan and Jeju coastal waters, a book of photography of major marine life inhabiting the coasts of Busan and Jeju in Republic of Korea.


The book provides biological information and descriptions, along with photographs, of the region’s various habitats and some 280 species of notable marine life?from among more than 2,340 species?that have existed along the coasts of Busan and Jeju Island from the distant past until 2014.


The book reports the rapid appearance of warm-water organisms in the coastal waters of Busan and Jeju, believed to be a result of global warming, and attempts to forecast how the marine living resources in Korean waters will change in the future.


In particular, the book was written with the purpose of expanding the scientific knowledge of readers and enabling them to understand, at a glance, the scale of marine life in the waters of Busan and Jeju. It was written in a clear and straightforward manner so that not only ocean science researchers but also the general public can easily understand it. The book is expected to make a significant contribution to deepening the Korean people’s knowledge of ocean science.


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