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Pilot test of the KIOST-Cruising Information Display System

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  • Date : 2015-12-10

Making the seas safer

Pilot test of the KIOST-Cruising Information Display System

The Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology (KIOST, President Hong Gi-hoon) has announced that, beginning on December 11, the KIOST-Cruising Information Display (K-CID) system will undergo pilot testing on the Chungmu Ferry (running between Samdeok Port in Tongyeong and Yokjido Island), owned by the Gyeongnam Shipping Company, with the aim of fulfilling the national agenda of increasing maritime transport safety.


The K-CID is an integrated cruising information display system that provides passengers with real-time information on the route of the ship they have boarded, instructions on the use of safety equipment, situation at the port of arrival, and conditions of the waters on which they are travelling.


This system will enable passengers to receive such important information via internal broadcasts as well as on computers and mobile devices anytime, anywhere. In the event of an emergency, the system will enable passengers to take appropriate safety measures and transmit real-time information to the shipping company office, allowing prompt and effective responses to various marine and safety incidents.


The information provided by this system includes data on the conditions of the passenger ship, cargo information (passengers and cargo), departure and course information, safety and emergency information, marine conditions, and tourist information.


This study was conducted as part of a major project of the Institute titled “Development and Pilot Application of KIOST-Cruising Information Display and Wearable Devices.” With the initiation of the pilot test, the Institute aims to identify ways to improve the operation and efficiency of the system so that it may be applied throughout the marine transport industry in the coming future.


KIOST President Hong Gi-hoon remarked, “In contrast to cars and aircrafts, which provide not only real-time travel information but also all kinds of other useful information, including data on geography and transportation, based on wireless communication, ships lack a well-developed interface for information delivery. Therefore, KIOST is fully committed to enhancing the safety on our seas by preventing marine accidents via the development of real-time information and information display systems.”


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