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Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology

KIOST Launches S-Navi System to Increase the Safety of Marine Navigation

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  • Date : 2016-11-18

On December 2, the Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology (KIOST, President Hong Gi-hoon) announced that it will soon be launching its new navigation information system for vessels (S-Navi system). KIOST completed the development of the S-Navi system in time for the launch of the Isabu, a 5,900-tonne, large-scale oceanographic research vessel.

The S-Navi system provides marine vessels with the high-resolution ocean and weather forecasting information produced by KIOST’s Korea Operational Oceanographic System (KOOS) as well as information on the observations made by the Isabu in real time through the Internet.


The Isabu provides highly precise information collected over periods of 72 hours about the wind speed and direction and water temperature and salinity. Precise, hourly forecasting information on the planned route of a ship is also available.

So far, Korea has relied largely on foreign countries for the ocean forecasting information needed for navigation. However, the S-Navi system, which provides highly precise ocean and weather forecasting information produced by KOOS, will increase the safety of marine navigation for Korean ships.


President Hong Gi-hoon said, “In cooperation with privately run weather companies, we plan to make the S-Navi system accessible via the Internet and smartphone so that not only ships but also the public can easily access the information for general maritime activities, marine leisure, and tourism.” He expects that the system will enhance the safety of fishing and maritime activities as well as marine navigation by rapidly detecting changes in the marine environment and offering timely forecasting information.



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