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Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology

I came to Korea to learn marine science and technology!

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  • Date : 2020-05-20
KIOST’s LPEM students participating in the “Thanks to You Challenge” 바로보기 LPEM students in a class.jpg 바로보기

Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology (KIOST) introduced the LPEM* and foreign students who are learning Korea’s advanced marine science and technology on May 20, which is designated as “Together Day,” a day intended to foster a society where Koreans and foreigners can come together in harmony.
* LPEM: London Protocol Engineering Master of Project Administration


Under the two-year LPEM course operated by KIOST, nine students from seven countries, including Myanmar, Peru and Fiji, who are civil servants or employees of public institutions are learning the basic theories of coastal engineering and marine environments, the content of the London Convention, and relevant cases of each country.
The LPEM was launched in September 2018 as a master’s degree course of Korea’s University of Science and Technology (UST) following the London Convention and Protocol Secretariat’s appointment of KIOST as an operator of a degree program for the implementation of the London Convention and Protocol. This program enables developing countries to cultivate the capabilities they need to achieve economic growth based on marine science and technology and acquire the advanced knowledge necessary to comply with the London Convention and Protocol. In particular, the students analyze the status of the ocean waters of their countries, find solutions to problems, participate in discussions, write reports, and apply theories to real-world situations.


The students have demonstrated outstanding academic performance in their majors by participating in academic societies and receiving thesis awards and are adapting to Korean culture and life by taking two Korean language classes a week. Recently, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the students joined the “Thanks to You Challenge” to provide encouragement to the medical professionals who are working hard to fight the pandemic, allowing them to gain a better understanding of outstanding issues in local communities and experience Korean culture.


Khin Myat Noe, who is returning to the Myanmar Port Authority in July after completing the LPEM degree course, said, “Large amounts of marine waste and harmful materials are accumulating at the bottom of the Yangon River estuary. Every day, we are struggling to collect enough marine waste to ensure that ships are able to access the port.” The student added, “Having intensively studied marine waste management in Korea, I will use the knowledge I have gained to develop methods for purifying and recycling marine waste in my home country.”


Acting KIOST President Lee Jung-hyun said, “In return for the assistance our country received from the international community, we will distribute the advanced marine science and technology of KIOST to countries in need of support, thereby helping build friendly ties with those countries.”



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