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Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology


    1. Storage, management, and utilization of marine samples
    2. Operation of sample storage

Library of Marine Samples

Library of Marine Samples업무담당자의정보
NAME Main Tasks TEL
LIZHUN Profile +82-55-639-8442
KANG JUNSU Profile +82-55-639-8433
KYEONG YOON KWAK Profile +82-55-639-8583
KIM DA SOM Profile +82-55-639-8421
KIM EUN SONG Profile +82-55-639-8441
KIM HYUN-JUNG Profile +82-55-639-8432
SON SUNYOUNG Profile +82-55-639-8431
SHIN, HYEON HO Profile +82-55-639-8440
YOON JOO YEON Profile +82-55-639-8444
DHONG-IL LIM Profile +82-55-639-8580
JEON SEUL GI Profile +82-55-639-8443
JEONG DO HYUN Profile +82-55-639-8581
JUNG, SEUNG WON Profile +82-55-639-8430
KANG BYEONG JUN Profile +82-55-639-8443
KIM HYO BIN Profile +82-55-639-8584
HAN HYEJUNG Profile +82-55-639-8434

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