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KORDI celebrates launch of a third RV, the Jangmok No. 2

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  • Date : 2012-03-28

KORDI celebrates launch of a third RV, the Jangmok No. 2

Timed with the 20th anniversary of the Onnuri and the Ieodo



The RV Jangmok No. 2 has been added to the fleet of the Republic of Korea Ocean Research and Development Institute (KORDI; President Kang Jung-keuk), following the Onnuri and the Ieodo.


KORDI said it will hold a ceremony at its South Sea Branch office in Geoje-do, Gyeongsangnam-do, at 1 p.m., on March 29, to celebrate the launch of RV Jangmok No. 2 and commemorate the 20th anniversary of RVs Onruri and Ieodo.


RV Jangmok No. 2 is a small research vessel (SRV) that was built by a local shipbuilder, Daewon Marine Tech. It took four months and cost 1,560 million won to build it. The 35-ton vessel has a maximum speed of 24 knots and can accommodate 12 persons. Equipped with cutting-edge research facilities it will conduct research in the East Sea area beginning in April.


The history of research vessels in Republic of Korea dates back to 1980 when the RV Banwol was launched. Before then, surveys of the sea had been dependent on temporarily rented fishing vessels. The first RV in Republic of Korea , the Banwol, provided the momentum to begin the development of marine research in Republic of Korea .


Two comprehensive research ships, the Onnuri and the Ieodo, were introduced in 1992 to enable full-scale marine surveying. Equipped with various advanced research technologies these vessels have allowed Korean researchers to navigate the oceans and conduct large-scale projects. The major historical projects to have been carried out by these two vessels over the past 20 years include the registration of a mining claim in the Pacific Ocean, navigation to the South Pole and the completion of mapping Republic of Korea’s marine environment.


Designed to survey of coastal areas of Republic of Korea , Jangmok No. 2 is expected to enable more scientific and efficient coastal marine surveying.


KORDI President Kang said the upcoming ceremony will be a meaningful celebration of the completion of RV Jangmok No. 2 and that all of those involved should look back on the achievements of RVs Onnuri and Ieodo, which have served as foundation for the development of marine science in Republic of Korea .


The ceremony is expected to be attended by about 150 people, including Kang and other KORDI officials, and guests from the local marine research sector.


□ SRV Jangmok No. 2

Construction period: Nov. 10, 2011 ~ March 16, 2012 (128 days)

Cost: 1,560 million won

Builder: Daewon Marine Tech (Ltd.)

Features: Gross tonnage (35 tons), length (23.97m), width (4.80m), height (2.20m), engines (873 horsepower, 2 sets), maximum speed (24 knots) and maximum crew complement (12 persons)


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